Monika Krupa, MDes

Updated March 2016

Monika Krupa is a graphic designer working at the intersection of design based learning, interface design, and learning technologies. She completed the Master of Design program at York University. Happily, for those of us in the Faculty of Education, she elected to take Carol Anne Wien's graduate pedagogical documentation class and she also travelled to Reggio Emilia, Italy with the Canadian Study Group in 2011. Monika inspires educators to consider how design influences the communication, interpretation, and understanding of pedagogical documentation. She offers individual consultations and facilitates group workshops for educators interested in developing their design and visual communication skills.

Monika completed her thesis research with a primary class in a public school where the teacher uses pedagogical documentation. The thesis is titled Secrets of the Magic School: Emergent Learning Through the Design Process in a Kindergarten Classroom. This experience provided an opportunity to engage with pedagogical documentation first-hand. As the children collaboratively built a story that took place within their school environment Monika documented the process and discovered just how valuable pedagogical documentation is to understanding the learning that has the potential to happen among groups of children. The living documentation in the classroom, as the project unfolded, provided opportunities for sharing ideas, asking questions and reflection. The design process culminated in a professionally bound book of the children's illustrations superimposed onto photographs of empty spaces in the school and the children's words became the text. The book is called Secrets of the Magic School. The project was awarded the Association of Registered Graphic Designers So(cial) Good design award in 2012.

Monika offers a valued, creative, and expressive perspective in the study of pedagogical documentation.

The Advanced Broadband Enabled Learning program (ABEL)

Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD)

Association of Registered Graphic Designers SoGood Catalogue 2012

Institute for Research on Learning Technologies (IRLT)

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