Sergio Pascucci, BA, BEd, OCT

Sergio has a love for visual arts. He has a diploma in Fashion Design and says that he "feels that he brings this creativity to the classroom from concept, to pattern, to construction, to product." He is also a teacher with the Peel District School Board. I first met Sergio at the Ontario Reggio Association pedagogical documentation meetings at York University sharing very genuine documentation of learning experiences from his class. I noticed at our sessions that Sergio's beautiful documentation was often of living things - plants and animals, and the outdoors. There was evidence of patience and sensitivity found throughout his documented inquiries in his use of time and careful listening. He noticed almost imperceptible gestures and choices found in photographs of the children and in their drawings. Along with bringing such interesting pieces, Sergio also has an especially commendable disposition of being completely welcoming to the discussion of possibilities and interpretations about what his observations might mean for the children. Sergio is generously transparent in his work and shares his questions, theories, and responses to the children in a blog, Crayons, Wands, and Building Blocks that he has created. How wonderful it would be to be a child […]
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