Jason Avery, Artist

Jason Avery is an acoustic guitar player. Along with being a musician he is also a self-taught visual artist working in a variety of modes with the Artists at the Centre project in Hamilton, Ontario. This organization provides opportunities for local artists to work alongside young children in early childhood settings to find expression for their thinking using media. These experiences are shared and preserved using pedagogical documentation. Jason has visited the early childhood centers of Reggio Emilia, Italy and is a regular presenter at events associated with the Ontario Reggio Association sharing his experiences with the Artists at the Centre project. Jason uses photography to document children as they build relationships with materials to make their thinking visible. ¬†At one presentation in Victoria, B.C. in 2012, with Carol Anne Wien and Karyn Callaghan, I heard Jason say that he, "puts the camera in the way" to describe how he positions himself to document these experiences. Jason watches and listens patiently and is conscious of offering time and space to allow children to play with media and their ideas. He responds by providing choices of materials and actions that are fresh and un-presumptuous and allows the children to reveal their […]
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