Olga Rossovska, MEd, BASc (Early Childhood Education), RECE

Olga has a deep appreciation for nature and outdoor learning experiences for young children.

I first met Olga, as I have so many excellent educators, in a graduate course with Prof. Carol Anne Wien at York University. Olga was working with colleagues creating documentation and I was drawn to her work because she made such interesting connections to the children’s feelings and thinking in their activities with materials.

I have also had the pleasure of spending many hours together with Olga as my partner “ambassador” over the past few months welcoming visitors to “The Wonder of Learning” exhibit at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. We have had many fine times discussing documentation together at the exhibit and also at York University/Ontario Reggio Association documentation study sessions.

I recently visited Olga aA table in Olga's room.t the Humber Child Development Centre at Humber College where she works. She welcomed me into her toddler room that contains many interesting elements of nature that she and the children had gathered in their explorations of a natural environment. The documentation that Olga includes in the centre shares experiences of children’s explorations with these natural materials in both indoor and outdoor experiences and highlights the emotional connections the children create in their interactions with these materials.

How nice it is that young children have the pleasure of an educator that shares her curiosity and caring disposition of the natural world with them and their families

Thank you for your thoughtful work Olga.



Humber College

College of Early Childhood Educators

You may follow Olga on Twitter  @Olga_RECE

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