December 2016 Study Session

Hello friends and colleagues! Please accept this letter as an invitation to attend our York University/Ontario Reggio Association documentation study session on December 17, 2016.We will be meeting in our usual location in room 283B, Winters College from 10-12. These study sessions are offered to educators who would like to meet to have their documentation read, studied, and discussed. Documentation from any early learning settings (and beyond) is welcome. Please feel encouraged to bring your documentation in any stage of development to our sessions. At our last meeting we had an opportunity to discuss the place that we felt pedagogical documentation holds in Reggio-inspired schools. As a small group we were able to discuss how pedagogical documentation might be considered in the development of new schools in terms of philosophy and approach to education. We discussed some potential ways documentation reveals the values of educators, children, and families in terms of their learning, teaching, and being in society. One educator brought documentation to the session that shared the sensitive interactions between a child that was learning to interact with peers and an educator that was new to this child’s learning environment. By documenting the interactions between these two people the […]
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Olga Rossovska, MEd, BASc (Early Childhood Education), RECE

Olga has a deep appreciation for nature and outdoor learning experiences for young children. I first met Olga, as I have so many excellent educators, in a graduate course with Prof. Carol Anne Wien at York University. Olga was working with colleagues creating documentation and I was drawn to her work because she made such interesting connections to the children’s feelings and thinking in their activities with materials. I have also had the pleasure of spending many hours together with Olga as my partner “ambassador” over the past few months welcoming visitors to “The Wonder of Learning” exhibit at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto. We have had many fine times discussing documentation together at the exhibit and also at York University/Ontario Reggio Association documentation study sessions. I recently visited Olga at the Humber Child Development Centre at Humber College where she works. She welcomed me into her toddler room that contains many interesting elements of nature that she and the children had gathered in their explorations of a natural environment. The documentation that Olga includes in the centre shares experiences of children’s explorations with these natural materials in both indoor and outdoor experiences and highlights the emotional connections the […]
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I am a doctoral student studying at York University. My interest in pedagogical documentation started in graduate classes with Prof. Carol Anne Wien at York University where I first learned about the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education and pedagogical documentation. In 2011 and 2015 I travelled to Italy to learn more about the philosophy and practice of this approach through lectures and school visits. As a result of these experiences, pedagogical documentation became the focus of my master’s work and continues to be the focus for my doctoral research.   My interest in pedagogical documentation has led me to work with educators offering presentations, experiential workshops, and study groups. I am currently involved with several groups leading monthly pedagogical study sessions and I am an instructor for the Emergent Curriculum Certificate program developed by Carol Anne Wien and offered through York University.   Pedagogical documentation has been adapted for use in many early learning settings in child care and school boards throughout Canada. My intention in developing this site is to support educators by providing an opportunity to learn how other Canadians have come to understand and interpret pedagogical documentation in their own settings and potentially allow people […]
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Welcome to this site…

Welcome to this site created to share ways Canadians are using pedagogical documentation in their work in early learning settings. This is an ongoing project and profiles will continue to be added and updated over time. My intention is to provide an open space where people may learn about how some Canadians are interpreting pedagogical documentation for use in their own socio-cultural settings. There are extensions in each entry that lead to further connections through resources and names of other people that have been influential in the development of the educators’ thinking and their general approach toward documentation. These links are offered to support your explorations in your work with pedagogical documentation.
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Upcoming Events…

November and December 2016: Emergent Curriculum Certificate program, Ontario Reggio Association, Session Two: Environments that Support Learning Interactions. September and October 2016: Emergent Curriculum Certificate program, Ontario Reggio Association, Session Three: Graphic Materials for Multiple Modes of Representation of Learning. August 2016: Emergent Curriculum Certificate program, Ontario Reggio Association, Session One: Introduction to Emergent Curriculum in Full-Day Kindergarten and Early Learning Settings. August 15, 16, 22, 23, 2016 August 20, 2016: “Pedagogical Documentation: Framework of Wonder” Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Ellen Brown, Ontario Reggio Association, “Wonder of Learning” exhibit. June 6, 2015: “Reggio Emilia: ‘Space as Place’: Intentionality and Relationality” York University, The Graduate Diploma in Education, supported by the Office of Research and the Graduate Program in Education.   August 17 – 28, 2015: “Pedagogical Documentation in Early Childhood Education”, York University, Carol Anne Wien.   November 5 – 6, 2015: “It’s Child’s Play and It Matters,” Haliburton, ON, sponsored by the City of Kawartha Lakes, the County of Haliburton and Community Living Kawartha Lakes, Presentations by Stuart Shanker, Jean Clinton, Carol Anne Wien, Karyn Callaghan, Jason Avery, Kathryn Underwood, Anne Marie Coughlin, Lorrie Baird, Joanne Babalis, Ellen Brown – FULL – REGISTRATION CLOSED
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About Me

Ellen Brown, Doctoral Student, MEd, OCT, RECE 

I am a doctoral student interested in pedagogical documentation as a way to alter perceptions, awaken understandings, and encourage an appreciation toward children as active and valued participants in society.


Ellen Brown

Doctoral Student, MEd, OCT, RECE


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