December 2016 Study Session

Hello friends and colleagues!

Please accept this letter as an invitation to attend our York University/Ontario Reggio Association documentation study session on December 17, 2016.We will be meeting in our usual location in room 283B, Winters College from 10-12. These study sessions are offered to educators who would like to meet to have their documentation read, studied, and discussed. Documentation from any early learning settings (and beyond) is welcome. Please feel encouraged to bring your documentation in any stage of development to our sessions.

At our last meeting we had an opportunity to discuss the place that we felt pedagogical documentation holds in Reggio-inspired schools. As a small group we were able to discuss how pedagogical documentation might be considered in the development of new schools in terms of philosophy and approach to education. We discussed some potential ways documentation reveals the values of educators, children, and families in terms of their learning, teaching, and being in society.

One educator brought documentation to the session that shared the sensitive interactions between a child that was learning to interact with peers and an educator that was new to this child’s learning environment. By documenting the interactions between these two people the documenter was able to study and realize strategies and theories that the child and educator were exploring together in their attempts to be together in relationship as learners. Studying this documentation provided an appreciation of the value and strength of empathy in their interactions and in their efforts to find ways to enter into relationship. This study opened up discussion to the appreciation of the strong desire to belong, participate, and be noticed in positive ways for both participants and allowed the documenter to consider ways that these efforts could be supported. A terrific example of how relationship is an essential part of learning and education underlying all experience.

We would love to see you at our next session. Please be sure to register on Eventbrite if you’d like to attend. The notice will be posted shortly. From here on this letter will not be sent to your email directly. Instead, it will be posted on my site at: and you may read it there. If you would still like to receive the monthly newsletter with this information through email then you could sign up for the newsletters on the site.

Best wishes to everyone for a loving and enjoyable month of December spent with your family and friends. I hope that 2017 brings you peace, love, and happiness in your life.

Ellen Brown, BA, BEd, MA, RECE, OCT
Doctoral Student, York University, Faculty of Education

  1. May 17, 2017 by Claudia Fajardo

    Thank you so much! The visit help me a lot!

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